Young Audience ProgrammeThe aim of the Young Audience Programme of the capital of culture initiated by the Tallinn 2011 Foundation is to grant Estonian schoolchildren the possibility to take part, without charge, in different cultural events. Furthermore, with this programme we wish:

  • to raise new active culture consumers and creators, most of whom could not take part in the events of the capital of culture without the Young Audience Programme;
  • to initiate a new study programme covering all of Estonia, which will also be sustainable after 2011;
  • establish permanent relations between Estonian schools and youth associations and organisers and supporters of cultural events.

The Young Audience Programme is meant for pupils of forms 1–12 whom we will involve through schools, hobby centres, social structures and companies. In addition, we will also involve teachers and parents in the programme.

Within the framework of the programme we will:

  • organise workshops and thematic youth days;
  • prepare materials in order to contribute to the creation of visiting habit and develop the skill to observe and interpret what is going on;
  • offer free tickets to events.

The final schedule and methods of programme events are based on the events themselves and these shall be agreed on between the schools participating in the programme, the organiser of the event, and the Tallinn 2011 Foundation. The number of young people participating in an event depends on the specific event and adults who are responsible for the children’s group (teachers, parents) must also take part in the event.


Immediately before an event an up to 1-hour event will be held the same day, the aim of which is to prepare young people for the event. The content of the workshop shall be agreed on with the organiser and the teacher, but as a rule

  • the organisers are met;
  • it will be told what to observe, notice, etc., regarding the event;
  • it will be discussed what the best manner is to take part as the audience;
  • it will be agreed on the so-called homework (an essay, filling in a questionnaire, etc.).


If possible, the organiser of an event shall, either immediately before the event or at any other suitable time, also notify other spectators of the fact that the event is attended by participants of the Young Audience Programme of Tallinn 2011. An event may also be, e.g. acting out a performance, the dress rehearsal of a concert, the preview of a film, etc.

Final work

With regard to the event each group is obliged by the school to fill in a questionnaire, write an essay, draw a picture, etc. The task depends on the area and agreement with teachers. The work must be such that the results of the work can be reported on the website of Tallinn 2011 and that of the organiser of the event.

Tallinn 2011 will notify the participants in the programme of new participation possibilities on a regular basis.


The partners of the programme include cultural and sports organisations, organisers of festivals and other events, whose projects have been included in the Tallinn 2011 programme. Suitable events are also those that have not been included in the Tallinn 2011 programme yet, but which could give good new experience to young people.

Thematic professional advice is provided by the Education Department of Tallinn, institutions of higher education and associations of the fields as well as by professionals of their area (musicians, actors and actresses, artists, athletes, etc.).

The programme is supported by private firms, non-profit organisations and funds, organisers of events, companies and organisations providing related activities and products.