Did you know that European Capital of Culture Tallinn 2011 is...

7358400 cultural breaths

525600 minutes of cultural events

404500 residents of Tallinn

200000 additional tourists

100000 participants in the
youth song and dance festival

13000 mobile phones
used to make benches in the city centre

9000 straw bags
used to make a theatre building

2002 host country of
the Eurovision Song Contest

1980 host of
the sailing events for the Olympic Games

857 years since
Tallinn first appeared on a world map

500 volunteers at cultural events

177 kilometres from
its sister Cultural Capital, Turku (Finland)

159 square kilometres of city

159 metres making St. Olaf's church the tallest structure in Europe in the Middle Ages

150 seaside stories

111 national minority associations

98 percent of bank transactions are
performed online

91 percent of tax returns are lodged online

46 kilometres of coastline

43rd European Capital of Culture

38 parks

26 sister cities

21 towers along the Old Town walls

15 major international events

14 ports and harbours

8 very different city districts coming to life

4 tram lines

3 wells were thought enough for
Tallinn to get by on in days of old

2 lakes

1 heritage-protected bar in the heart of the city


Kultuurikatel of Tallinn.

St. Olaf's Church of Tallinn

St. Olaf's Church of Tallinn.
Photo: Maret Põldveer / Tallinna fotopank

Seaside of Tallinn

Tallinn from the sea.
Photo: Toomas Volmer / Tallinna fotopank

Festival arena

National song and dance festival.

Old men

Photo: Kalmer Allik