What is the volunteer programme designed to achieve?

The goals of the volunteer programme are:

  • to involve everyone in the events of the Capital of Culture so we can create together an unforgettable Year of Culture;
  • to support every individual in becoming a true citizen of Tallinn and to contribute to the development of volunteering in Estonia, especially in the area of culture.

Who are the volunteers of the Capital of Culture?

Volunteers are the ambassadors of the Capital of Culture and a direct link between the city and its visitors. Volunteers reflect the attitude of the Capital of Culture towards the citizens and the guests with their helpfulness, smiles and initiative and show that the Year of Culture is a big party for all of us!

Who are welcome to become volunteers of the Capital of Culture?

Everyone who wants to support the Capital of Culture by helping in organising this unforgettable year and contributing their time, skills, experience and good will are welcome to join us as a volunteer.

Everyone can be a volunteer – young people (from 16 years of age) and the elderly (incl. pensioners), people of different nationalities and people with special needs.

What are the opportunities offered to volunteers?

All volunteers can participate in:

  • distributing and gathering information (information workers, interviewers, translators, website administrators, etc);
  • organising events (ticket controllers, wardrobe attendants, photographers, technical assistants, etc );
  • assisting (assistance of artists, project managers, producers, etc);
  • hosting guests (hosts, attendants, chauffeurs, guides, translators, etc).

Volunteers of Culture Capital of Europe Tallinn 2011


How can you become a volunteer of the Capital of Culture?

Fill in an application or e-mail it with your CV and photo to vabatahtlikud@tallinn2011.ee.

Respond to the offers received in your mailbox. Let us know what specific projects you wish to take part in, which times and tasks are suitable for you.

Take part in the volunteer training programme (main and theme-specific training) and in different joint events.

Take part in the agreed project, give feedback about your experience and participate in our next projects.

What do volunteers get in reward for their contribution?

The opportunity to contribute and take part in the creation of an unforgettable Year of Culture whilst working side by side with cultural professionals.

The opportunity to be part of the organising team of the Capital of Culture and experience the  ‘backstage’ during this exceptional event.

The opportunity to take part in the training programme of the Capital of Culture and acquire new knowledge, skills and experience.

The opportunity to create new social networks and to participate in the different events for the volunteers of the Capital of Culture.

The opportunity to keep as a memento the special clothes created just for the volunteers of the Capital of Culture.

The opportunity to receive free tickets to the Capital of Culture’s events, souvenirs and gifts.

Please e-mail us at vabatahtlikud@tallinn2011.ee for further information.

Give us a helping hand, volunteer for the Capital of Culture! Culture starts with us!