The Creative Council, comprising seven culture specialists, works as a separate unit by the Capital of Culture Foundation. The Creative Council assists the Foundation in assessing and analysing all the proposed ideas, project plans and program initiatives.
The members of the Creative Council have been chosen from different areas of culture, some being experts in several fields.

The members of the Creative Council are:

Anu Liivak
art scholar, director of Kumu Art Museum

Taavi Eelmaa
actor and consultant

Rein Raud
Rector of the Tallinn University

Madis Kolk
music producer

Andrei Hvostov
journalist and writer, man of letters

Berk Vaher
an expert in many fields of culture

Kristiina Davidjants
film producer and critic

Jaanus Mutli
Member of the Board of
the Tallinn 2011 Foundation